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After 40 years of owning a string of air cooled bugs, campers and Porsches and nearly 30 years working on them as a career, there is not much we haven't encountered over the years. Here at CSCR we understand the passion these classic air cooled vehicles evoke in their owners. We have the same enthusiasm to keep them motoring on for many years to come.

Air cooled vehicles need specialist care and repairs. We can carry out all the servicing, repairs, obtain MOTs and welding they might need at our workshop in Isle Brewers, Taunton. We are passionate about helping owners keep on top of their maintenance to give you the confidence you need to keep your much loved vehicle on the road all year long.

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Buying a classic car or camper can be a minefield if you don't fully know what to look for. Too many customers come to us having fallen in love with their dream air cooled classic only to quickly discover under that shiny paint work and cool interior there lurks thousands of pounds of welding needed or its mechanically unsound. We offer all our customers experienced advice on what to look for within their budget and we also offer a 'pre-purchase inspection' service which gives you peace of mind when buying your classic vehicle.

Here at CSCR we also offer an extensive range of upgrades and customising possibilities. So, please check out this section here or contact us to find out more. 



Whenever we are working on a customer’s vehicle its important to us that they feel confident in what we do. That is why we like to gather reviews from our customers. Check out this detailed review below from a happy customer:

Just entered the world of VW Campervan ownership and was looking for someone to install power steering, change steering wheel and attend to a few bits and pieces on my "new" 1973 LateBay.

Selected Darren due to convenient location of garage and fact his name appears on lots of positive feedback across many VW forums.

Couldn't have made a better choice - not only has he done the work requested but when finding other items, he felt needed looking at he's contacted me at each stage "tried" to talk me in layman's terms through the implications of doing work now or delaying and then acted as requested.


Had hopes of fitting new seats and whilst the ones I found from a Saab fit the van my height meant they weren't really doing the business. Rather than plough ahead and just fit them Darren consulted, suggested alternatives, and ultimately refitted initial seats while I seek replacements.

Lovely guy to deal with who takes obvious pride in his work and has a passion for what he does. Already drawing up a list for phase 2 of work on "Olly" and will definitely be asking Darren to take on the project.

Paul Crewe



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